A Label of love 

A large proportion of our collection (all ready to wear garments) are manufactured in a not for profit cooperative in Italy. The people helped by the cooperative include those with mental and physical disabilities. Without the support, care and love received from the project those involved would have little hope of being able to operate with confidence in wider society. People at the fringes of society – those touched by physical and mental abuse, trauma and disability – are given the chance to rebuild their skills and lives through their journey with Eden Diodati. We are at the beginning of our own journey but our hopes, dreams and aspirations lay with those that we want to serve, by bringing transformation and light into their lives.

The opportunity to wear a piece by Eden Diodati is more than an aesthetic statement. It is a commitment to a fashion ethos embedded in a four-tiered ethic we call the Talisman. 

The Talisman draws together four key philosophies that together reflect the positivity and passion of the human condition.

A global collaboration of cultural influences achieves designs with a stunningly creative edge.

An ethical approach to manufacturing delivers opportunities for marginalised people to re-create their own futures.

Our commitment to donate 10% of dividends to Médecins sans Frontières recognises the need to address human fragility on a global scale.

These three core principles combine to produce the fourth – our vision to create a brand that offers women the opportunity to experience true beauty through compassion.

Plans are underway to grow, develop and to help more non-profits and Non Governmental Organisations globally making their story, their journey, part of ours. This is our ethos and commitment.

Eden Diodati has been recognised by the Ethical Fashion Forum, the industry body for sustainable fashion.

As a network and catalyst for change, supporting and influencing thousands of fashion professionals, all with a wide circle of influence, the impact of the Ethical Fashion Forum since its launch represents far more than individual projects and actions, is broad, widespread and on a global scale.

Eden Diodati is one of the Ethical Fashion Forum’s 500 Fellows around the globe.

Fellowship 500 has been launched by the Ethical Fashion Forum with the aim of taking the fashion industry to tipping point – the point at which sustainable practices by fashion businesses become the rule rather than the exception to it – from field to final product.

In a world jaded by mass marketing and cynical exploitation, women seek the opportunity to experience luxury fashion that stirs the soul as well as the senses. Now, finally, it is here.